Frequently Asked Questions

What is the O-ring and where do I put it?

The O-ring is the small black rubber ring that goes on the top of the mask where the tube head slides on. It is there to provide friction to hold it in place, and also prevent water leakage.

An O-ring is already in place on the mask unit when it comes new in the package. The o-ring that comes in the small plastic bag is simply a spare part available should you need to replace it. 

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Do I need to treat it with anything to prevent fogging?

Because the SeaFin Mask is designed with anti-fogging features, we believe that our product should be tried ‘as-is’. However, the mask can be safely used in tandem with other anti-fog solutions if it is non-abrasive and doesn’t scratch the visor. Some customers have reported a small degree of benefit from using traditional anti-fog substances such as toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, etc.

The description says the mask is for surface snorkeling, can I go underwater while wearing it?

Yes, however, we recommend depths no deeper than 8-10 feet. This figure is derived from a depth at which users feel an uncomfortable level of pressure exerted from the mask. As such, this comfortability depth may vary per user.

Note: The mask is not to be used for diving purposes.

Which size should I get?

Please refer to the sizing chart below:


As a general rule, if your measurement is right in the middle, we recommend the L/XL  for most men, and the S/M for women and youths.

Do all colors/sizes have the GoPro attachment?

No. Currently in our lineup, the Black and White-Black models are the 2 models featuring the universal GoPro mount. The Blue, Green, and Black-Blue models do not have the mount.

I would like the X color/size, why isn’t it available?

Due to fluctuating demand for different sizes and colors, some models may run out of stock before we receive our next shipment. If you would like an estimate of when a specific color or size will be available, please message to get a more exact estimation.

This FAQ didn’t help, I’m still confused.

Please reach us directly by going through our contact page http://sharkgear.us/contact/ or emailing directly support@sharkgear.us